What Geeks Do!


There is a Geek in us all!

 Come on lets be honest, we all have a little bit of Geek in us!  Geekology is here to help you feed that inner Geek.  From Game of Thrones to Frozen or Avengers to The Walking Dead. We really have something for everyone.  Please check out our online shop, filled with Funko Pops, Collectables, and toys from modern day right back to hard to find retro toys and even the occasional item to bring back a little nostalgia. 


More than an online Shop!

We stock a huge range of Funko Pops, trading at multiple Comic Cons and events across the UK.  We pride ourselves in offering a personal service at a great price.

 From time to time we do have competitions with amazing prizes.  So far we have given away a life size Rocket Raccoon and money off vouchers for our online store. 


Comic Cons and Events!

We don't just trade at events, we run them as well.  Checkout the "Meet Us" page for details on where we will be, and the "Geekology Events" page for the ones we run.